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When you are framing an image or ordering a frame using a empty frame you will notice that there are two different sizes. Your first step is to enter the image size that you want to frame, this is called the Un-Framed size and refers to the image size. Framed Size is the size of the actual picture frame and will change depending on the thickness of the frame, but will always be slightly off by up to 15 mm due to the rebate in the frame so always the framed size will not be exactly what is received. Un-framed size = Is the size of the image you want to frame Framed Size = Is the size of the image once it is framed and is ready to hang on the wall
(with an difference of up to 15mm due to the rebate). Any questions about this just email us or give us a call. The frame rebate is always 5mm – 15mm depending on the frame and this will cover your image as this need to sit under the frame to hold the image and glass.

We aim for 3 working days to ship your picture frame to you but we can take anywhere between 3 day to 7 working days. Always let us know if you need the picture frame urgently and we can try and speed up the process.

Postage is calculated per order during add to cart or checkout. If the order is extra large or your location is in a remote part of Australia then we may have to charge additional postage. We will always let you know if there is additional postage cost. Some orders under $39 may also incur additional postage cost if the location is remote or not near major capital cities

Every order is packaged using 2 x of bubble wrap, a small bubble wrap and then a large air patched bubble wrap ensuring that the item is impact resistance. We then package all our photo frames in custom made boxes to ensure extra protection. You are required to check the frame before signing the received slip to be covered for insurance. All our photo frames are shipped using Fastway courier and Registered Australia Post so we are covered by insurance and can always replace the item if it is damaged (See out postage page on the website for more details). Rest assure your item will arrive in better condition then if you purchased the frame in the shop!

When you order a frame in the picture framing studio, you will need to specify what glazing you would like by clicking on the “Glass” tab. You have the option to choose No Glass, Clear Glass, Non Reflective Glass or Perspex Glass. Please see our interior designer page for a detailed explanation of each type of glazing.

Every Frame Image and matt board image Displayed in the picture framing studio are a combination of high resolution scans and photographs of the Actual product Scanned or photographed at the highest resolution possible. All Images are presented in good faith but it is important to note that as they are graphical representations they may not be to scale or represent the true nature of the product for the reasons detailed below. All Computers have Different Graphic Capability, Monitors and settings; therefore it is impossible to offer a 100% true Representation of any image, product on 100% of systems 100% of the time, even the Angle at which you view your screen will affect the colour, tone, shadow of the image and product. If frame colour, mount colour, tone, size are critical, we can send out a small sample of the picture framing moulding or mat board and you only pay the shipping costs.. The best way to view a picture frame moulding is to Click “Frame Details” button in the picture framing studio to see a larger image of the picture frame.

99% of the time we can, if it’s available in Australia. All you need to do is email us a picture of the picture frame and we will see if we can source the same picture frame for you.

When ordering a Mat Board please keep in mind that we will provide you with a 2-3 mm overlap. This means that the mat board will cover your image buy 2 – 3mm all around your image to help when inserting your image.

The file that has been uploaded using our online system is printed without any modifications to the sizing or colours. Please note that different monitors are calibrated to different colour profiles. Colour matching an existing print that has been printed from a different printer is difficult and slight variations in colour may occur. Please contact us if you would like any alterations made to your image prior to printing.

We have numerous payment options; please see our “Payment Options” tab. During the ordering process in our picture framing studio, once you have designed your picture frame and are happy to purchase the picture frame, you will just need to check out and follow the checkout process. During this process it will ask you for your preferred payment option.

Things you should know about Picture Framing

Picture Frames & Photo Frames

Picture and photo frames protects and complements the artworks, photos, jerseys, posters and objects and images.

Picture frames have traditionally been made of wood, which is still the most common material, although other materials used include plastic, synthetic and aluminium. A picture frame may be of any colour or texture, some picture frames have elaborate mouldings which may relate to the subject matter. Just Picture Framing has over 200 mouldings to choose from and can source any type of mould if requested.

Picture frames come in a variety of profiles, but generally the lengths of moulding feature a “lip” and rabbet, the function of which is to allow a space to hold in the materials in the frame. The lip extends usually about a quarter of an inch past the edge of the rabbet.

The picture frame may contain glass or acrylic to protect the picture. In some instances where the art in the frame is dispensable or durable, no protection may be necessary. Glass is common over photos, prints and objects and other, but rare over oil paintings, except very valuable ones in some museums.

Mat Boards

In the picture framing industry, a mat (mount) is a thin, flat piece of paper type material included within a picture frame, which serves as additional decoration and to perform several other, more practical functions, such as separating the art from the glass.

The picture-framing mat is most commonly known for its use as additional decoration to enhance the look of a framed piece, sometimes in conjunction. Although matting usually contains only one opening per layer, it may contain none if a picture is “float-mounted” or “top-mounted” (placed on top of the mat).

Typically the mat or mats, if matched carefully and properly proportioned, serve to help draw the eye in towards the framed piece, or towards a particular key element of the piece.

At Just Picture Framing we have a computerized mat-cutting system which ensures the most accurate and professional mat board is cut to complement the photo frame. We cut the window as per you image or window size so please ensure you take an overlap in consideration when entering the picture size.

Here at Just Picture Framing we have over 50 different colours to choose from, if we do not have the colour you are after we can always match the colour for you and order the colour you are after.

Just Picture Framing Only uses the best Mat Boards on the market which are Archival, Conservation and Acid Free. Archival & conservation picture framing, mats have several important functions. One of the most important functions is that it separates the glass from the art or document being framed; this is primarily important because any condensation that develops on the inside of the glass can be transferred to the piece if they are not separated, resulting in water damage & mold creation.

Photos should also be separated from the glass because the surface of photographs is particularly easy to damage, and may even separate from its original paper and stick to the glass if wet; for this reason, any framed photograph of value should be framed in such a way that the glass does not directly contact the photo. Additionally, some types of art, such as pastel or chalk pictures, can smudge easily and should be separated from the glass for that reason.

Another reason that Just Picture Framing used Acid Free Mat Boards is because of the possibility of Mat Burns. Acidic mats can cause what is called mat burn, brown marks that creep in from the outside onto the displayed piece itself. While mat burn is sometimes reversible through cleaning the piece, cleaning may not be feasible if the piece was executed in water-soluble inks or paints, such as watercolour. Thus, it is important to know if the mats used are acid-free if the piece is to be preserved for a long time.