Matboards also referred to as a mat, it is a heavy paper-based material used in the picture framing process. This cardboard-like material sits between a frame and your photography or artwork to give it a complete finished look.

At Just Picture Framing Online we offer a range of colours and custom sizes. You can look through our modules to see the colour options which will complement you picture frame and image.

Below is the Matboard tab in our picture framing module which offers our customers the option of a range of colours, sizes and the ability to select multiple Matboards. You have the options of selecting one, two or three matt boards.

At Just Picture Framing our preferred Matboards are Peterboro Matboards which have a range of added feature. Please see below some key facts about Peterboro Matboards.


The Core

Peterboro Matboards use high grade virgin Alpha Cellulose as the main ingredient in our conservation core. Alpha Cellulose can be distilled from cotton or wood, the higher the Alpha Cellulose content the higher the purity of the board. We specify that PETERBORO CONSERVATION core must have more than 90% Alpha Cellulose, industry specifications call for no less then 84 %.

Chemical Ingredients

The conservation quality of a mat can often be affected by the chemical impurities within its materials. For instance the level of iron and copper within the matboard can create tarnishing and discoloration of the mat while the sulphur content can raise acidic levels that attack both mat and artwork. In the manufacture of PETERBORO CONSERVATION we strictly control the level of chemical ingredients to ensure that they meet or exceed the PPFA and Fine Art Trade Guild standards for chemical composition.

Surface Paper

To reduce colour fade and bleed PETERBORO CONSERVATION uses pigments for surface paper coloration. Our pigments are specified to meet or exceed the fade and bleed test requirements outlined by the Fine Art Trade Guild and PPFA standards. Independent testing shows that PETERBORO CONSERVATION exceeds these requirements.

Backing Paper

Our backing paper is 100 % virgin fiber, buffered with calcium carbonate at a 3% minimum reserve, no optical brighteners, and a smooth finish with even coloration. Our backing paper meets or exceeds the standards as set out by both the PPFA and the Fine Art Trade Guild.


Independent QC benchmarking shows that PETERBORO CONSERVATON has one of the highest standards of consistent quality in the market.

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